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tap(tape) wrapper for testing adobe extendscript

tap(tape) wrapper for testing adobe extendscript


Myfn = this.Myfn || {};
// return Document page length 
Myfn.count = function(doc){
    return doc.pages.length
    return undefined
// add new Page to Document 
Myfn.add = function(doc){
  if(doc instanceof Document){
  return doc;

test.jsx(for testing myfn.jsx)

#target InDesign-7.0
#include "../myfn.jsx"
var doc = (app.documents.length===0)? app.documents.add() : app.activeDocument;
$.write(Myfn.count(doc)===1); // must 

you should append $.write(xxx) at end in extendscript code for the test, because it uses tap test as output.

then write test.js

var test = require('tape'),
    estktap = require('estktap');
test('this is adobe extendscript tap test',function(t){
  estktap('this must be true',__dirname+'/test/fixtures/test/test.jsx',true);
$ node test.js


$ tape test.js

estktap function takes 3 arguments, estktap(message, jsx_script_path, is_a)

is_a accepts number, string, boolean, also function. see example.js