The Simplest ElasticSearch Node.js Client'


The Simplest ElasticSearch Node.js Client

  • [ ] Publish module to NPM

Basic CRUD

  • [x] Connect to ES Cluster (confirm we can access ES)
  • [x] Create/Save a record (basic POST request)
  • [x] Read a record
  • [ ] Update a record
  • [ ] Delete (hard)
  • [ ] Upsert (convenience method)
  • [ ] delete (soft = archive)
  • [ ] search :-)

Philosophy / Background / Detail

Zero external dependencies (3rd party modules).

There are many great modules in the node ecosystem. When I saw how many dependencies the "Official" ElasticSearch Node.js Module had and especially the number of DevDependencies, it made it hard to contribute to the project...

My aim is to build something that only uses core modules, so I never have to think about upgrading - it also makes it a lot easier for others to learn how the module works, which invites contribution from the community.

If you are looking for a module you can trust, these are the "badges" you are looking for:

All contributions are welcome.
If anything is unclear please create an issue:

The choice of module name was the answer to the question:

Q: Which ElasticSearch Node Module should I use...?

Promises (Rant?)

I love the theory behind Promises:
The justification for using them is quite convincing:

But I've not yet found a situation where I needed to use them.
When I see junior developers using Q, when,
promise, Bluebird, etc. I can't help but think:
what are you doing that was too complicated for callbacks?

So when a module forces me to use them "its a no from me."