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React Essence Templates


git clone


download the ZIP archive from Git Essence-Templates

Install all dependencies

cd Essence-Templates
npm install

How to use

npm run template:dev
npm run template:custom

How to create/run a custom template

After the installation of essence-templates and all dependencies, make a copy of the custom/ folder and edit the App file js/app.js.

Edit the package.json and add a new line on scripts

"template:__your-folder-name__": "webpack-dev-server --devtool eval --hot --progress --colors --config __your-folder-name__/js/webpack.config.js --port 8080 --host --content-base __your-folder-name__/"

P.S.: __your-folder-name__ is the name you choose for the custom copy

An instance of webpack-dev-serve will run on port 8080 with the --content-base __your-folder-name__/

npm run template:__your-folder-name__

P.S.: please check if the port 8080 is available