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Essence Slider - Slider component


  • start: integer value to set the initial value - values: 0 to 100
  • fill: return a colored track to indicate the current value position
  • discrete: true it uses the discrete class name to render a indicator for the current value
  • disabled: true it uses the disabled class name to render a non-editable component
  • onChange: callback function returns current value of slider
  • lowerColor: default e-background-indigo-400 or a background color for left side of slider
  • upperColor: default e-background-grey-100 or a background color for right side of slider

How to use

import Slider from 'essence-slider';
<Slider step={1} fill={false} />
<Slider step={10} start={10}/>
<Slider discrete={true} step={1} start={20}/>
<Slider discrete={true} step={10} start={30}/>
<Slider discrete={true} step={10} start={40} disable={true}/>