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Essence Button - Button component


  • icon: name of icon
  • label: the text of the button
  • submit: false (default) or true - set type to submit or button
  • onClick: callback function on click event

NOTE: all props will be transferred from Btn to component button

Ripple effect:

  • ripple: true (default) - enable ripple effect & false - disable ripple effect

How to use

import Btn from 'essence-button';
{/* Flat buttons */}
<Btn classes={'flat e-background-white e-text-red-500'} label={'Custom button'} />
<Btn classes={'flat'} label={'Default button'} type={'default'} />
<Btn classes={'flat'} label={'Primary button'} type={'primary'} />
<Btn classes={'flat'} label={'Succes button'} type={'succes'} />
<Btn classes={'flat'} label={'info button'} type={'info'} />
<Btn classes={'flat'} label={'warning button'} type={'warning'} />
<Btn classes={'flat'} label={'danger button'} type={'danger'} />
{/* Fab buttons */}
<Btn classes={'fab e-text-red-400 e-background-yellow-500'} icon={'social-plus-one'} type={'default'} />
<Btn classes={'fab'} icon={'social-plus-one'} type={'default'} />
<Btn classes={'fab'} icon={'social-plus-one'} type={'primary'} />
<Btn classes={'fab'} icon={'social-plus-one'} type={'succes'} />
<Btn classes={'fab'} icon={'social-plus-one'} type={'info'} />
<Btn classes={'fab'} icon={'social-plus-one'} type={'warning'} />
<Btn classes={'fab'} icon={'social-plus-one'} type={'danger'} />
{/* Fab buttons */}
<Btn classes={'fab-mini e-text-red-400 e-background-yellow-500'} icon={'editor-mode-edit'} type={'default'} />
<Btn classes={'fab-mini'} icon={'editor-mode-edit'} type={'default'} />
<Btn classes={'fab-mini'} icon={'editor-mode-edit'} type={'primary'} />
<Btn classes={'fab-mini'} icon={'editor-mode-edit'} type={'succes'} />
<Btn classes={'fab-mini'} icon={'editor-mode-edit'} type={'info'} />
<Btn classes={'fab-mini'} icon={'editor-mode-edit'} type={'warning'} />
<Btn classes={'fab-mini'} icon={'editor-mode-edit'} type={'danger'} />
{/* Raised buttons */}
<Btn classes={'raised e-background-yellow-500 e-text-red-500'} label={'Custom button'} type={'default'} />
<Btn classes={'raised'} label={'Default button'} type={'default'} />
<Btn classes={'raised'} label={'Primary button'} type={'primary'} />
<Btn classes={'raised'} label={'Succes button'} type={'succes'} />
<Btn classes={'raised'} label={'info button'} type={'info'} />
<Btn classes={'raised'} label={'warning button'} type={'warning'} />
<Btn classes={'raised'} label={'danger button'} type={'danger'} />