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esprima-loader is a foundational utility loader for webpack. It is a simple glue and pipeline layer between webpack and any arbitrary AST transformations you want to apply.

It takes in the source and literally just pipes the AST through each transformer, reusing the AST structure to avoid the overhead of reducing to a string between each transformation.

  var resultingAST = transforms.reduce(function(ast, transform) {
    return estraverse[transform.type || 'replace'](ast, transform);
  }, esprima.parse(source));


esprima-loader automates the busy parts of parsing and traversing the AST. As the author of an esprima-loader transformer, you simply need to look at and understand the estraverse API.

// webpack.config.js
module.exports = {
  esprima: {
    transforms: [
        type: 'replace', // or traverse
        enter: function(node, parent) {},
        leave: function(node, parent) {}

This uses the -fb forks of each esprima project for JSX support. Namely, esprima-fb and estraverse-fb. Regardless, due to escodegen creating the resulting JavaScript string it is required that this be the final step in your pipeline.


The react-autodoc project comes packages with a transformer to automate the propType annotations required to resolve the runtime propType declarations.

View that project at skookum/react-autodoc.


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