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esprev: Babel 6to5

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It's Babel 6.x preconfigured with the es2015 and stage-2 presets, and the babel-plugin-add-module-exports plugin to work much like Babel 5.x did.

$ es next.js
$ esprev next.js > prev.js


$ npm install --global esprev


Type esprev instead of babel when using the CLI:

$ esprev next.js > prev.js
$ esprev-node next.js
$ esprev-doctor
$ esprev-external-helpers

For convenience, esprev-node has also been aliased to just es to make it incredibly easy to execute the future:

$ es make.js


Require esprev instead of babel-core for the API:

var babel = require('esprev');

babel.transform(code, options);


Babel handles all of the configuration, so you can use a .babelrc file or babel field in your package.json per usual.

© 2016 Shannon Moeller

Licensed under MIT