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Development tools for The-M-Project

Espresso README

Espresso: The-M-Projects build tools using node.js


To install espresso you need Node.js >= 0.4 and either git or npm.

You can install espresso with the help of NPM:

npm install espresso -g

The "-g" option is needed for npm >= 1.0.

If you don't want to use NPM, you can check out the project with git, init the submodules and create an alias.

  1. Install node.js. see description here

  2. Checkout Espresso:

    git clone

  3. Initialize submodules:

    git submodule update --init

  4. Create an alias:

    alias espresso='/path/to/Espresso/bin/espresso.js'


  1. Create a new HelloWorld project:

    espresso init --project HelloWorld --example

  2. Build it:

    cd HelloWorld && espresso build

  3. Run the development server:

    espresso server

  4. Generate new files

    espresso generate -c testcontroller -v testview -m testmodel

This command will generate a new model, a new view and a new controller.

Installing node.js on Windows

Read the instructions here


All license information about Espresso and used third-party components can be found in the LICENSE file, Or in the concrete third-party component.