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Javascript to/from JSON s-expressions to use with Chlorinate


echo 'var x = 0;' | esparse-cl2


echo '{"type":"Program","body":[{"type":"VariableDeclaration","declarations":[{"type":"VariableDeclarator","id":{"type":"Identifier","name":"x"},"init":{"type":"Literal","value":0}}],"kind":"var"}]}' | escodegen-cl2

var x = 0;

Command Line Options

escodgen-cl2 now takes some command line options to help you build source maps. The options are:


the path/file which contains the javascript parser api Abstract Syntax Tree which is normally piped into escodegen-cl2 (if this is omitted the input will be taken from stdin)


the path/file to write the javascript out to


the path/file to the original source which the source map maps back to


the path/file to which the source map should be written out

The --source_file and --source_map options are not independent - if one is specified then the other must be as well

License: MIT