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Esoftplay Mobile Framework

simplify the way to create react-native project from scratch

How to install

All you need to do is installing esoftplay package after you create new project, or use following example commands:

  • create-react-native-app myApp
  • cd myApp
  • npm install esoftplay

and now you have new command-line called esp which is only work when you call it in terminal inside the project

How to use

After installing esoftplay package, now you can edit app.json based on your needs and use this package's app.json as your reference, and don't forget that you now have new command-line call esp. We have provided more information about how to use that command-line by typing esp help inside the project.

Create new module

Type esp new modulename/taskname in terminal inside your project if you want to use redux, or esp create modulename/taskname to create a new script without redux

Once new module is created, now you can use your new module in other modules by using esp.mod('modulename/taskname') or jump to that module by this.props.navigation.navigate('modulename/taskname', {id: 1, name: "John Doe"})

Module styling

All modules in your new project are replacable, so you can create new module in one project and reuse the script in other projects without making any changes in your old module. So when you need to improve your script only for one particular project, you just simply extend the module using command-line esp create modulename/taskname

In case you have made very complex module in project A, you can safely put new style in project B without changing any line in project A (You can use softlink from project A's module to project B before using command esp create modulename/taskname)

Contact us

Please open issues for any bugs that you encounter. You can reach out to us on esoftplay.com or, write to mobile@fisip.net for any questions that you might have.


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