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    Using the import.meta.url file URL to recursively and dynamically import() each of the files inside the directory of the specified URL. The default export for each file (module) is collected into a dictionary that sets the export into a directory delimited structure.

    Directory structure example

    - directory1
      - index.js (file that calls `importDir(import.meta.url)`
      - file1.js
      - directory2
        - file2.mjs
        - file3.cjs

    Returned object structure example

      file1: (default export of file1.js),
      directory2: {
        file2: (default export of file2.mjs),
        file3: (default export of file3.cjs),


    import importDir from 'import-dir';
    export const defaults = await importDir(import.meta.url);
    // or
    export const defaults = await importDir(import.meta.url, { exclude: ['directory2/file2.mjs'] });


    The default export function of esm-directory-import accepts 2 arguments, the first is a file URL, typically the value of import.meta.url from the ESM that invokes the function. The second argument is a dictionary of options outlined here:

    • exclude: string[] = [] An array of string file paths relative to the initial file URL that should be excluded from the returned object.
    • glob: (pattern: string, options: GlobOptions) => Promise<string[]> = glob A function that accepts a glob pattern as the first argument and an object that specifies { cwd: dirname(fileUrlToPath(import.meta.url)) }.
    • extensions: string[] = ['.mjs', '.cjs', '.js'] An array of string file extensions that will be used in the glob pattern used for determining the files that should be imported.
    • template: (exts: string[]) => string = (exts) => '**/*{${exts.join(',')}}' A function that takes a list of file extensions that should be looked for and returns a glob file matching pattern.
    • collector: (mod: Module) => any = (mod) => mod.default A function that accepts the result of await import(file) as an argument and returns the value that should be stored as the value of the file in the object structure.


    npm i esm-directory-import

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