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    Runs Prettier as an ESLint rule and reports differences as individual ESLint issues.


    error: Insert `,` (prettier/prettier) at pkg/commons-atom/ActiveEditorRegistry.js:22:25:
      20 | import {
      21 |   observeActiveEditorsDebounced,
    > 22 |   editorChangesDebounced
         |                         ^
      23 | } from './debounced';;
      24 |
      25 | import {observableFromSubscribeFunction} from '../commons-node/event';
    error: Delete `;` (prettier/prettier) at pkg/commons-atom/ActiveEditorRegistry.js:23:21:
      21 |   observeActiveEditorsDebounced,
      22 |   editorChangesDebounced
    > 23 | } from './debounced';;
         |                     ^
      24 |
      25 | import {observableFromSubscribeFunction} from '../commons-node/event';
      26 | import {cacheWhileSubscribed} from '../commons-node/observable';
    2 errors found.

    ./node_modules/.bin/eslint --format codeframe pkg/commons-atom/ActiveEditorRegistry.js (code from nuclide).


    npm install --save-dev eslint-plugin-prettier
    npm install --save-dev --save-exact prettier

    eslint-plugin-prettier does not install Prettier or ESLint for you. You must install these yourself.

    Then, in your .eslintrc.json:

      "plugins": ["prettier"],
      "rules": {
        "prettier/prettier": "error"

    Recommended Configuration

    This plugin works best if you disable all other ESLint rules relating to code formatting, and only enable rules that detect patterns in the AST. (If another active ESLint rule disagrees with prettier about how code should be formatted, it will be impossible to avoid lint errors.) You can use eslint-config-prettier to disable all formatting-related ESLint rules.

    If your desired formatting does not match the prettier output, you should use a different tool such as prettier-eslint instead.

    To integrate this plugin with eslint-config-prettier, you can use the "recommended" configuration:

    1. In addition to the above installation instructions, install eslint-config-prettier:

      npm install --save-dev eslint-config-prettier
    2. Then you need to add plugin:prettier/recommended as the last extension in your .eslintrc.json:

        "extends": ["plugin:prettier/recommended"]

    This does three things:

    • Enables eslint-plugin-prettier.
    • Sets the prettier/prettier rule to "error".
    • Extends the eslint-config-prettier configuration.

    You can then set Prettier's own options inside a .prettierrc file.

    1. In order to support special ESLint plugins (e.g. eslint-plugin-react), add extra exclusions for the plugins you use like so:
      "extends": [

    For the list of every available exclusion rule set, please see the readme of eslint-config-prettier.


    Note: While it is possible to pass options to Prettier via your ESLint configuration file, it is not recommended because editor extensions such as prettier-atom and prettier-vscode will read .prettierrc, but won't read settings from ESLint, which can lead to an inconsistent experience.

    • The first option:

      • An object representing options that will be passed into prettier. Example:

        "prettier/prettier"["error", {"singleQuote": true, "parser": "flow"}]

        NB: This option will merge and override any config set with .prettierrc files

    • The second option:

      • An object with the following options

        • usePrettierrc: Enables loading of the Prettier configuration file, (default: true). May be useful if you are using multiple tools that conflict with each other, or do not wish to mix your ESLint settings with your Prettier configuration.

          "prettier/prettier"["error", {}, {
            "usePrettierrc": false
        • fileInfoOptions: Options that are passed to prettier.getFileInfo to decide whether a file needs to be formatted. Can be used for example to opt-out from ignoring files located in node_modules directories.

          "prettier/prettier"["error", {}, {
            "fileInfoOptions": {
              "withNodeModules": true
    • The rule is autofixable -- if you run eslint with the --fix flag, your code will be formatted according to prettier style.




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