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    This is an eslint plugin for applications using the preact-i18n library.


    npm i -D eslint-plugin-preact-i18n


    • preact-i18n/no-missing-template-field: Errors if fields attribute is not provided to <Text/> or <MarkupText/> component when the value of the key contains template fields in their values. Also shows an error when fields is supplied but unneeded by the localized string.
    • preact-i18n/no-text-as-children: Verify that you have no text node children in your preact code.
    • preact-i18n/no-text-as-attribute: Verify that you have no text in some attributes in your react components. List of attributes provided in the config.
    • preact-i18n/no-unknown-key: Verify that all translation keys you use are present in your defined translation files.


    You have to add the following lines in your .eslintrc file to configure this plugin:

      // Declare the plugin
      "plugins": [
      // The plugin needs jsx feature to be enabled to work
      "parserOptions": {
        "ecmaFeatures": {
          "jsx": true
      // Settings of your translation
      "settings": {
        "preact-i18n": {
          // required location and friendly name (used in error messages) for each language file
          // to be checked in no-unkown-key and no-missing-template-field rules
          "languageFiles": [
              "name": "en",
              "path": "i18n/en.json"
    			// optional Provide list of preact-i18n scopes (i.e. namespace prefixes to dot-notated keys) that should be checked when trying to find keys.  Default is no additional scopes
    			"scopes": ['', 'foo-component'],
          // optional time-to-live of the translations file caching (defaults to 500ms)
          "translationsCacheTTL": 300
          // optional if you want to ignore specific files for all rules via blob matcher
          "ignoreFiles": "**/*.spec.js",
          // optional to allow other names of components for the Text component, with other attribute
          // names for the id, plural, and fields values.  If not supplied, only Text component will be checked
          // with its default attribute names.
          // This is useful if you have components that take in i18n keys in their props and turn around and render
          // Text components as their children.
          // Below is an example where components with the names <Text/> or <AltText /> will be checked, assuming the normal id, plural, and fields attributes names
          // and <Dialog /> components will be checked  where the "title" attribute contains the i18n key, the "count" attribute contains
          // the plural value, and the "data" attribute contains the fields value that gets passed to Text eventually
          // Only nameRegex is required for each entry.  id, plural, and fields will default to their respective names
          "textComponents": [
            { "nameRegex": '^(?:Alt)?Text$' },
            { "nameRegex": '^Dialog$', "id": 'title', "plural": 'count', "fields": 'data' }
          // optional, equivalent to the textComponents setting, but for the MarkupText component.
          "markupTextComponents": [
            { "nameRegex": "^MarkupText$" },
            { "nameRegex": "^DialogMarkup$", "id": "title", "plural": "count", "fields": "data" }
          // optional to allow other names for the preact-i18n withText function/decorator.  Defaults to only allowing withText
          // This example allows withText or withTextAlias
          "withTextRegex": "^withText(?:Alias)?$"
      // Specify rules severity and rule-specific configurations
      "rules": {
          "preact-i18n/no-missing-template-field": "error",
          "preact-i18n/no-text-as-attribute": "error",
          "preact-i18n/no-text-as-children": "error",
          "preact-i18n/no-unknown-key": "error"


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