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eslint-plugin-output-todo-comments npm version

Contains single rule that warns about used warning comments and shows them as they are.

This plugin contains stupidly copy-pasted no-warning-comments rule with one little modification: it shows warn comment as it is instead of showing meaningless warning "Unexpected 'todo' comment". Check out original documentation for no-warning-comments.

// TODO: We may need to make this thing better 
// TODO: Function fooBar need to return something good 
// TODO: Wow! 

The plugin doesn't include any tests and it's created as quick and dirty solution for my internal needs.


npm install -D eslint-plugin-output-todo-comments


module.exports = {
    "plugins": ["output-todo-comments"],
    "rules": {
        'output-todo-comments/output-todo-comments': [
            'warn', {
                'terms': ['todo'],
                'location': 'start',