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    With ng-add

    Install and configure the ESLint NgRx Plugin with the ng-add command. This command:

    • adds eslint-plugin-ngrx as a dev dependency;
    • adds the plugin to the ESLint plugins property;
    • adds the recommended config to the extends property of ESLint;
    ng add eslint-plugin-ngrx


    Install ESLint TypeScript parser

    npm install @typescript-eslint/parser --save-dev

    Install eslint-plugin-ngrx package

    npm install eslint-plugin-ngrx --save-dev

    Next, add eslint-plugin-ngrx to your ESLint config (for example in .eslintrc.js) and configure parser and parserOptions.

      "parser": "@typescript-eslint/parser",
      "parserOptions": {
        "ecmaVersion": 2019,
        "project": "./tsconfig.json",
        "sourceType": "module"
      "plugins": ["ngrx"],
      "rules": {
        "ngrx/select-style": "error"

    To enable the recommended configuration, add it to your ESLint configuration file.

      "extends": ["plugin:ngrx/recommended"]



    Name Description Recommended Category Fixable Configurable
    ngrx/avoid-cyclic-effects Avoid effects that re-emit filtered actions. suggestion error (Possible Errors) No No
    ngrx/no-dispatch-in-effects An Effect should not call store.dispatch suggestion warn (Possible Errors) No No
    ngrx/no-effect-decorator-and-creator An Effect should only use the effect creator (createEffect) or the effect decorator (@Effect), but not both simultaneously problem error (Possible Errors) No No
    ngrx/no-effect-decorator The createEffect creator function is preferred problem warn (Best Practices) Yes No
    ngrx/no-effects-in-providers An Effect should not be listed as a provider if it is added to the EffectsModule problem error (Possible Errors) No No
    ngrx/no-multiple-actions-in-effects An Effect should not return multiple actions. problem warn (Best Practices) No No
    ngrx/prefer-concat-latest-from Use concatLatestFrom instead of withLatestFrom to prevent the selector from firing until the correct action is dispatched. suggestion warn (Possible Errors) Yes No
    ngrx/prefer-effect-callback-in-block-statement A block statement is easier to troubleshoot. suggestion warn (Best Practices) Yes No
    ngrx/use-effects-lifecycle-interface Ensures classes implement lifecycle interfaces corresponding to the declared lifecycle methods suggestion warn (Best Practices) Yes No
    rxjs/no-unsafe-catch Forbids unsafe catchError usage in effects. problem error (Possible Errors) No No
    rxjs/no-unsafe-first Forbids unsafe first/take usage in effects. problem error (Possible Errors) No No
    rxjs/no-unsafe-switchmap Forbids unsafe switchMap usage in effects. problem error (Possible Errors) No No


    Name Description Recommended Category Fixable Configurable
    ngrx/avoid-combining-selectors Prefer combining selectors at the selector level with createSelector suggestion warn (Best Practices) No No
    ngrx/avoid-dispatching-multiple-actions-sequentially It is recommended to only dispatch one action at a time. problem warn (Best Practices) No No
    ngrx/avoid-mapping-selectors Avoid to add mapping logic in the component, instead move that logic in the projector method of createSelector. suggestion warn (Best Practices) No No
    ngrx/good-action-hygiene Enforces the use of good action hygiene. suggestion warn (Best Practices) No No
    ngrx/no-multiple-global-stores There should only be one global store injected suggestion warn (Best Practices) No No
    ngrx/no-reducer-in-key-names Avoid the word "reducer" in the reducer key names suggestion warn (Best Practices) No No
    ngrx/no-typed-global-store The global store should not be typed. suggestion warn (Best Practices) Yes No
    ngrx/on-function-explicit-return-type On function should have an explicit return type problem warn (Possible Errors) No No
    ngrx/prefer-inline-action-props Prefer using inline types instead of interfaces/classes. suggestion warn (Best Practices) No No
    ngrx/select-style Selectors can be used either with 'select' as a pipeable operator or as a method problem warn (Best Practices) No Yes
    ngrx/use-consistent-global-store-name Use a consistent name for the global store. suggestion warn (Best Practices) No Yes
    ngrx/use-selector-in-select Using a selector in a select method is preferred in favor of strings or props drilling suggestion warn (Best Practices) No No


    Name Description
    recommended The recommended config
    store Only the recommended global store config
    effects Only the recommended effects config
    all All rules are enabled
    strict All rules are enable and give errors

    Migrating from ngrx-tslint-rules

    If you were previously using TSLint for your project and especially the ngrx-tslint-rules package, you should check out the migration guide. You will find out how to replace the previous TSLint rule names by the new ESLint ones.


    Thanks goes to these wonderful people (emoji key):

    Tim Deschryver

    💻 🤔 🚇 ⚠️

    Julien Saguet

    💻 ⚠️ 🤔 📖

    Stephen Cooper


    Chris Paton


    Sebastian Weigel


    Rafael Santana

    🤔 💻 ⚠️

    Armen Vardanyan


    Michaël De Boey






    This project follows the all-contributors specification. Contributions of any kind welcome!


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