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You'll first need to install ESLint:

$ npm i eslint --save-dev

Next, install eslint-plugin-mocha-cleanup:

$ npm install eslint-plugin-mocha-cleanup --save-dev

Note: If you installed ESLint globally (using the -g flag) then you must also install eslint-plugin-mocha-cleanup globally.

Supported Rules

Almost each rule (unless otherwise indicated) may be customized to ignore skipped tests/suites (describe.skip, it.skip, xspecify etc) with adding skipSkipped: true to the rule-options.

  • asserts-limit Rule to disallow use more than allowed number of assertions. Tests without any assertions are also disallowed. Rule may be customized with setting maximum number of allowed asserts:
"rules": {
    "mocha-cleanup/asserts-limit": [2, {"assertsLimit": 3}]

This rule ignores tests with done-callback and 0 assertions. Set option ignoreZeroAssertionsIfDoneExists to false to allow such behavior:

"rules": {
    "mocha-cleanup/asserts-limit": [2, {"ignoreZeroAssertionsIfDoneExists": false}]
  • disallow-stub-spy-restore-in-it Rule to disallow stub/spy/restore in the tests (should be in the hooks)

  • no-empty-title Rule to disallow empty title in the suites and tests

  • no-same-titles Rule to disallow same titles for tests inside one suite or in the whole file. It depends on scope value - may be file or suite. Default - suite

"rules": {
    "mocha-cleanup/no-same-titles": [2, {scope: "file"}]
  • no-nested-it Rule to disallow nested tests (not suites)

  • no-assertions-outside-it Rule to disallow assertions outside tests

  • complexity-it Counts test-body complexity. May be customized with setting maximum complexity:

"rules": {
    "mocha-cleanup/complexity-it": [2, {"maxAllowedComplexity": 30}]
  • no-eql-primitives Rule to disallow eql, deep.equal, assert.deepEqual, assert.notDeepEqual with primitives

  • no-assertions-in-loop Rule to disallow assertions inside loops. Rule may be customized with setting additional loops like forEach:

"rules": {
    "mocha-cleanup/no-assertions-in-loop": [2, {"extraMemberExpression": ["forEach"]}]
  • no-empty-body Rule to disallow empty tests, suites and hooks

  • invalid-assetions Rule to check expect and should assertions for completeness. It detects assertions that end with "chainable" words or even raw calls for expect and should

  • no-expressions-in-assertions Rule to detect expressions in the expect and assert assertions

  • disallowed-usage Rule to disallow usage some functions, methods or properties in the tests and hooks

"rules": {
    "mocha-cleanup/disallowed-usage": [
            "test": [{"o": "myObject", "m": ["myNotAllowedMethod"]}], 
            "hook": [{"f": "myNotAllowedFunction"}, {"o": "myObject", "p": ["myNotAllowedProperty"]}]
  • disallow-stub-window Rule to disallow stubbing some window-methods. IMPORTANT This rule doesn't have skipSkipped option

  • no-outside-declaration Rule to disallow variables declaration outside tests and hooks


Add to your eslint config-file:

"plugins": [
"rules": {
    "mocha-cleanup/asserts-limit": 2,
    "mocha-cleanup/disallow-stub-spy-restore-in-it": 2,
    "mocha-cleanup/no-empty-title": 2,
    "mocha-cleanup/no-same-titles": 2,
    "mocha-cleanup/no-nested-it": 2,
    "mocha-cleanup/no-assertions-outside-it": 2,
    "mocha-cleanup/complexity-it": 2,
    "mocha-cleanup/no-eql-primitives": 2,
    "mocha-cleanup/no-assertions-in-loop": 2,
    "mocha-cleanup/no-empty-body": 2,
    "mocha-cleanup/invalid-assertions": 2,
    "mocha-cleanup/no-expressions-in-assertions": 2,
    "mocha-cleanup/disallowed-usage": [
            "test": [{"o": "myObject", "m": ["myNotAllowedMethod"]}], 
            "hook": [{"f": "myNotAllowedFunction"}, {"o": "myObject", "p": ["myNotAllowedProperty"]}]
    "mocha-cleanup/disallow-stub-window": [
            "methods": ["setTimeout"]
    "mocha-cleanup/no-outside-declaration": 2


npm i eslint-plugin-mocha-cleanup

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