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    What is this?

    This is a replacement for the ESLint eqeqeq rule that allows automatic fixing.

    How do I use it?

    • npm install --save-dev eslint-plugin-eqeqeq-fix
    • Add "plugin:eqeqeq-fix/recommended" to the extends section of your .eslintrc.js file.

    Why should I use this?

    The ESLint eqeqeq rule will throw an error if you use ==, complaining that you should convert it to ===. This is a fantastic rule, as the use of == is almost always a bug.

    However, when using the --fix flag, ESLint will not automatically fix this for you, unlike most other rules. This is intentional because doing so would break code was designed to use loose equality. In general, the --fix flag is only meant to change the formatting of code, not the actual execution nature of the code.

    With that said, in most modern code, intentional use of the == operator is rare because it results in code that is hard to read and less explicit. Thus, you might never actually have to worry about this potential code-breakage.

    If you know for sure that your code base does not use any instances of ==, then use this plugin to make this rule automatically --fixable. Doing so will allow you to type one less equals keystroke every time you write equality! (Assuming that you use eslint --fix on-save, like many people do nowadays.)

    What rules does this plugin provide?

    It only provides one rule: "eqeqeq-fix/eqeqeq"

    How did you make this?


    npm i eslint-plugin-eqeqeq-fix

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