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    An experimental tool to help track refactoring efforts.

    eslint-plugin-boyscout lets you define your own eslint rule in your project, without creating and deploying an eslint-plugin to the npm registry.

    Up to you what you do with those rules, we use them to keep track of long-winded refactoring efforts.


    Install eslint-plugin-boyscout:

    $ npm install eslint-plugin-boyscout --save-dev

    Note: If you installed ESLint globally (using the -g flag) then you must also install eslint-plugin-boyscout globally.


    Boyscout needs to know where the rules are defined, this forces you to use an eslintrc.js file to configure the plugin like so:

    require('eslint-plugin-boyscout').RULES_DIR = "/path/to/your/directory"

    Youl also need to add boyscout to your configuration file:

        plugins: [

    Warning: We highly recommend the RULES_DIR to be an absolute path. If a relative path is used boyscout will try to load the rules relative to the current working directory... that works fine until you have more than one project using eslint and you don't change your directory before opening other projects files. Relative paths also probably don't work if you're using a global eslint.

    Creating rules

    Add rules in the directory you configured in #usage, following the eslint-rule syntax exactly as if they were under the lib/rules directory.

    The rules will be loaded by filename under the boyscout namespace. For example a rule file any-directory/replace-jquery.js will be loaded as boyscout/replace-jquery

    Adding tests for rules

    Any file/directory that starts with an underscore will be ignored by this plugin. You can take advantage of this to write rule tester files.

    Using the rules

    Add them into the eslint configuration file, just like any other eslint rule

        rules: {
            "boyscout/rule-name": 2


    This plugin now contains some fixes taken from eslint-plugin-rulesdir


    npm i eslint-plugin-boyscout

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