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    A Strict, Awesome ESLint Config

    A configuration managed by Megabyte Labs

    ESLint configuration for linting TS, JS, JSON, YAML, and TOML

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    This ESLint configuration package includes basically every quality ESLint plugin available. The default settings are meant to enforce strict design patterns among developers who code with TypeScript and JavaScript. It also includes linting rules for JSON, YAML, and TOML. Most of the rules include auto-fix functionality and it even sorts JSON and YAML. You can use this configuration as is or customize it to your liking so you can have your own shared ESLint configuration package!


    If you are simply including this library in your project, all you need is a recent version of Node.js. Node.js >14.18.0 is sometimes required and is the only version range we actively support. Albeit, it is highly probable that lower versions will work as well depending on the requirements that this project imports.

    Developer Requirements

    The following versions of Node.js and Python are required for development:

    Other versions may work, but only the above versions are supported. Most development dependencies are installed automatically by our Taskfile.yml set-up (even Node.js and Python). Run bash to install Bodega (an improved fork of go-task) and run the initialization sequence. The taskfiles will automatically install dependencies as they are needed, based on what development tasks you are running. For more information, check out the or simply run:

    npm run help

    npm run help will ensure Bodega is installed and then open an interactive dialog where you can explore and learn about various developer commands.


    To make use of this configuration, you need to first install the configuration in your Node.js project:

    npm install --save-dev eslint-config-strict-mode

    After that, you need to include a reference to the package in your package.json:

      "name": "mynpmpackage",
      "version": "0.0.1",
      "eslintConfig": {
        "extends": "eslint-config-strict-mode"

    You can override the settings that are provided by the plugin by including additional rules in your package.json. For instance, if you wanted to turn off a rule named max-len, your package.json would look something like this:

      "name": "mynpmpackage",
      "version": "0.0.1",
      "eslintConfig": {
        "extends": "eslint-config-strict-mode",
        "rules": {
            "max-len": "off"


    The following ESLint plugins are included in this configuration:

    ESLint Plugin Description
    @typescript-eslint/eslint-plugin An ESLint plugin which provides lint rules for TypeScript codebases
    @typescript-eslint/eslint-plugin-tslint ESLint plugin that wraps a TSLint configuration and lints the whole source using TSLint
    @typescript-eslint/parser An ESLint parser which leverages TypeScript ESTree to allow for ESLint to lint TypeScript source code
    eslint-config-prettier Turns off all rules that are unnecessary or might conflict with Prettier
    eslint-formatter-git-log Formatter that displays results that include the name of the developer who is responsible for the error
    eslint-formatter-gitlab Formatter for GitLab CI that integrates results into merge requests
    eslint-formatter-pretty Stylish formatter for terminal results that includes features such as clicking result to open code in editor
    eslint-formatter-summary Alternate formatting style for the results that displays a table
    eslint-plugin-angular Rules for Angular applications
    eslint-plugin-array-func Rules for Array functions and methods
    eslint-plugin-editorconfig An ESLint plugin to enforce EditorConfig rules
    eslint-plugin-eslint-comments Additional ESLint rules for ESLint directive comments
    eslint-plugin-etc More generalcpurpose TypeScript-related ESLint rules
    eslint-plugin-ext eslint extended rules
    eslint-plugin-filenames ESLint plugin to check filenames
    eslint-plugin-fp ESLint rules for functional programming
    eslint-plugin-functional ESLint plugin to disable mutation and promote functional programming in JavaScript and TypeScript
    eslint-plugin-import ESLint plugin with rules that help validate proper imports
    eslint-plugin-jest ESLint plugin for Jest
    eslint-plugin-jest-async ESLint rules for Jest to detect improper test assertions for asynchronous actions
    eslint-plugin-jest-dom Lint DOM API performance
    eslint-plugin-jest-formatting Linting rules for ESLint realted to code style formatting
    eslint-plugin-jsdoc Rules that enforce comments written in JSDoc syntax
    eslint-plugin-json-schema-validator ESLint plugin that validates data using JSON Schema Validator
    eslint-plugin-jsonc ESLint plugin for JSON, JSONC and JSON5 files
    eslint-plugin-no-constructor-bind Prefer class arrow functions to binding in the constructor
    eslint-plugin-no-explicit-type-exports A plugin to guard against exporting imported types
    eslint-plugin-no-secrets An ESLint plugin to find strings that might be secrets or credentials
    eslint-plugin-no-unsanitized Custom ESLint rule to disallows unsafe innerHTML, outerHTML, insertAdjacentHTML and alike
    eslint-plugin-no-use-extend-native ESLint plugin to prevent use of extended native objects
    eslint-plugin-node Additional ESLint's rules for Node.js
    eslint-plugin-optimize-regex Optimize regex literals
    eslint-plugin-prefer-arrow ESLint plugin to prefer arrow functions
    eslint-plugin-prettier ESLint plugin to prefer arrow functions
    eslint-plugin-promise Enforce best practices for JavaScript promises
    eslint-plugin-regexp ESLint plugin for finding RegExp mistakes and RegExp style guide violations
    eslint-plugin-rxjs ESLint rules for RxJS
    eslint-plugin-security ESLint rules for Node Security
    eslint-plugin-sonarjs SonarJS rules for ESLint
    eslint-plugin-sort-class-members ESLint rule for enforcing consistent ES6 class member order
    eslint-plugin-sort-keys-fix Fork of eslint rule that sorts keys in objects with autofix enabled
    eslint-plugin-switch-case Switch-case-specific linting rules for ESLint
    eslint-plugin-toml ESLint plugin provides linting rules for TOML
    eslint-plugin-tsdoc This ESLint plugin provides a rule for validating that TypeScript doc comments conform to the TSDoc specification
    eslint-plugin-typescript-sort-keys A linter plugin to require sorting interface and string enum keys
    eslint-plugin-unicorn Various awesome ESLint rules
    eslint-plugin-unused-imports Package to seperate no-unused-vars and no-unused-imports for ESLint as well as providing an autofixer for the latter
    eslint-plugin-woke ESLint plugin to promote diversity and inclusion in codebases by restricting the presence of certain potentially offensive keywords
    eslint-plugin-yml ESLint plugin provides linting rules for YAML

    Most of the items in the chart above are plugins used for extending the core functionality of ESLint. These all start off with eslint-plugin-. However, there are a few items that begin with eslint-formatter-. These allow you to change the format that ESLint reports with. You can, for instance, run the following to change the format of the results:

    eslint --format pretty --fix .


    Contributions, issues, and feature requests are welcome! Feel free to check the issues page. If you would like to contribute, please take a look at the contributing guide.


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    Brian Zalewski

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    Copyright © 2020-2021 Megabyte LLC. This project is MIT licensed.


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