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Out-of-the-box Prettier-compatible ESLint Configuration


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Strawhouse's very own, opinionated eslint config, out-of-the-box ready for use with Prettier.

This package contains an extended version of the eslint-config-airbnb ESLint rules. It requires eslint, eslint-config-airbnb, eslint-plugin-import, eslint-plugin-react, and eslint-plugin-jsx-a11y.

React function naming conventions

See this document for details on Strawhouse function naming conventions in react.

Steps to install

  1. Ensure packages are installed with correct version numbers (see below).
  2. If your project uses yarn, run yarn to update your yarn.lock for the new packages.
  3. Add "extends": "strawhouse" to your .eslintrc.

The following command will install the correct versions of the required packages:

  export PKG=eslint-config-strawhouse;
  npm info "$PKG@latest" peerDependencies --json | command sed 's/[\{\},]//g ; s/: /@/g' | xargs yarn add --dev "$PKG@latest"

The above command produces and runs a command like:

yarn add --dev eslint-config-strawhouse eslint-config-airbnb@^#.#.# eslint@^#.#.# eslint-plugin-jsx-a11y@^#.#.# eslint-plugin-import@^#.#.# eslint-plugin-react@^#.#.#

Updating this NPM package

  1. Commit changes and merge to master.
  2. Update the with version number and notes on changes since the last version.
  3. Make sure you are logged in to npm on the CLI: npm login.
  4. Run npm version <update_type>.
    • update_type is one of the semantic versioning release types: "patch","minor", or "major".
    • This will update the package.json and tag the git repo.
  5. Commit and push versioning update and tags.
  6. Run npm publish.
  7. Visit and ensure the correct version is displayed.

Futher reading:

NPM docs: Updating the package -


npm i eslint-config-strawhouse

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