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eslint-config-softwaredesignsolution contains a strict ESLint configuration for ES2015+ and TypeScript.


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$ npm install eslint-config-softwaredesignsolution

The following additional ESLint plugins are included by default, so you don't have to install them:

Plugin Automatically enabled
eslint-plugin-eslint-comments Yes
eslint-plugin-extended Yes
eslint-plugin-mocha Yes
eslint-plugin-react No
eslint-plugin-unicorn Yes
@typescript-eslint/eslint-plugin No

To enable support for React and JSX, all you need to do is to install the react module. The appropriate rules will become enabled automatically.

To enable support for TypeScript, all you need to do is to install the typescript module. The appropriate rules will become enabled automatically for .ts and .tsx files. The generated configuration expects a tsconfig.json at the project root.

Quick Start

This module contains a very strict ESLint configuration for ES2015 and above, both for Node.js and browser development. Its aims to eradicate any variation in code style. If you can not tell any more, based on little individual manners, who of your co-workers wrote a piece of code, this module succeeded. This helps you to narrow down your focus to pure functionality, as you do not have to think about code styling any more at all.

To use one of those configurations, create a .eslintrc.json file in your project and use the extends keyword.

  "extends": "es/node"

Alternatively, you may also use es/browser.

If you want to override any rules, you can do so in your configuration file. For details on how to do this, e.g. to get an explanation on how to enable or disable specific rules, see the ESLint documentation on extending configuration files.

Running quality assurance

To run quality assurance for this module use eslint:

eslint \"**/*.ts\" --ignore-path .eslintignore


npm i eslint-config-softwaredesignsolution

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