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ESLint configuration at Simplifield.

To use those rules in your projects, first, install it as a development dependency and than add it to your .eslintrc file.

It will automatically append the SimpliField rules to your project.

Theses are our own rules but you can require a reconsideration of a rule by creating an issue which name is the rule you wanna change.

See shareable configs documentation for more infos.

Sample .eslintrc using this plugin:

 "extends": "eslint-config-simplifield",
 "env": {
   "node": true,
   "mocha": true
 "globals": {
   "require": false,
   "describe": false,
   "beforeEach": false,
   "afterEach": false,
   "before": false,
   "after": false,
   "it": false,
   "sinon": false,
   "module": false
 "plugins": [