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    Protect Me From My Stupidity

    Available from NPM Built using Travis

    An opinionated configuration for ESLint that shall protect you from your stupidity when writing JavaScript.


    Add this to your ESLint configuration.

      "extends" : "protect-me-from-my-stupidity"

    You can use configuration extensions to further cater for more specific scenarios, for example:

      "extends" : [

    Configuration extensions

    Configuration Usage
    and/from-writing-stupid-vue-components Introduces additional rules for Vue components. At the moment any Vue 3.0 rules that involve deprecating Vue 2.0 feature are turned off.
    and/from-writing-stupid-node-applications Introduces additional rules for Node applications.
    but/let-my-code-look-stupid Stops all code style checks.
    but/let-me-write-stupid-tests Loosens up some rules for writing test specifications.
    but/let-my-vue-components-look-stupid Stops all code style checks for Vue components.
    but/let-my-node-applications-look-stupid Stops all code style checks for Node applications.


    This project configures ESLint to parse JavaScript with the following in mind by default:

    • ECMAScript modules are enabled.
    • All features up to ECMAScript 2021 are enabled.

    Note: This project makes no other assumption about your JavaScript environment, you must configure that yourself. See


    This project currently includes configuration for the following plugins:

    Plugin Required dependency
    eslint-plugin-import Yes
    eslint-plugin-promise Yes
    eslint-plugin-vue Only when using vue related configuration.
    eslint-plugin-node Only when using node related configuration.

    Note: You will have to install the above plugins yourself as they are peer dependencies.

    Semantic versioning

    This project follows a semantic versioning policy that aims not to surprise you.

    Patch release

    • Updating an existing rule that will result in ESLint reporting fewer errors.

    Minor release

    • Updating an existing rule that will result in ESLint reporting different or more errors.
    • Adding a new rule.

    Major release

    • Removing support for an old version of ESLint.
    • Adding support for a new plugin.
    • Removing support for an old version of an existing plugin.
    • Adding a new configuration.

    Note: It is advised that you only take patch versions using tilde ranges.

    Getting started

    This project is available through the Node Package Manager (NPM), so you can install it like so:

    npm install eslint-config-protect-me-from-my-stupidity


    Finally, if you get offended by my use of the word stupid. It is just a joke.


    npm i eslint-config-protect-me-from-my-stupidity

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