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A composable set of ESLint configurations.

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This project is based on eslint-config-walmart. It is eslint@2+-compatible and maintained by Formidable.


Install this config package and ESLint:

$ npm install --save-dev eslint@2.10.2 eslint-config-formidable


Full Configurations

This package includes the following complete and ready to use configurations:

  • formidable - ES6 config
  • formidable/configurations/off - Disable all rules (ESLint's default at 1.0.0+)
  • formidable/configurations/es5-browser - ES5 + browser
  • formidable/configurations/es5-node - ES5 + node < 4.x
  • formidable/configurations/es5-test - ES5 + test
  • formidable/configurations/es5 - ES5 config
  • formidable/configurations/es6-browser - ES6 + browser
  • formidable/configurations/es6-node - ES6 + node 4.x
  • formidable/configurations/es6-react-test - ES6 + react + test
  • formidable/configurations/es6-react - ES6 + react
  • formidable/configurations/es6-test - ES6 + test
  • formidable/configurations/es6 - ES6 config

To consume and extend a config in ESLint just add the extends attribute to your .eslintrc. For more details about how shareable configs work, see the ESLint documentation.

  - "formidable"
  - "formidable/configurations/es6-browser"

Piecemeal Configurations

ESLint configuration is broken apart in ./rules containing ESLint's rules and rules for specific ESLint plugins. The full set of ESLint rules (./rules/eslint) are broken into categories that mirror ESLint's documentation. Under each rule type there are sets of configuration as well as an off.js file which turns off every rule in the category.

  - "formidable/rules/eslint/best-practices/on",
  - "formidable/rules/eslint/es6/off"
  - "formidable/rules/eslint/node/off"
  "phantom": true


Due to an issue with ESLint, config extension cannot be called from a globally installed (npm install -g eslint) eslint. It can however be run properly using eslint installed directly to your package's node_modules. This can be done by either calling it directly (./node_modules/.bin/eslint .) or from within an npm script since they automatically check local node_modules first. This will be tracked in issue #43.

This package tracks config in the following versions:


This project defines a huge number of very contentious config variables. In order to prevent issues/PRs from being eternal bikeshedding pits of doom we would like to ask that you simply upvote or downvote a rule. If you need to explain something please use concrete and reproducible evidence or statistics. Please try not to post assertions of preference, authority, aesthetic beauty (it's in the eye of the beholder), minimal key presses, cognitive load or any other subjective measures of code style.

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