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airbnb + babel + promise + import + react + html

eslint-config-easy is based on eslint-config-airbnb as airbnb is the most popular one.

But airbnb is too strict on some syntax rules(like consistent-return, global-require etc), make it hard to migrate my old projects.

I didn't change much more about the style rules(most about spaces), since using Visual Studio Code can auto-fix the spaces on save. I prefer you try it other than Sublime Text.


  • Based on eslint-config-airbnb that supports es6/es7+, react, import and jsx-a11y
  • Use babel-eslint to support class properties, decorators, types.
  • Use eslint-plugin-promise to enforce best practices for promise
  • Use eslint-plugin-html to support .html/.vue. If you want auto-fix in VSCode for .vue, please see below


Should only used with npm@>=3

npm i eslint-config-easy -D or yarn add eslint-config-easy -D


In your project root dir, create a file .eslintrc with content:

  "extends": "easy"

You can add NODE_ENV=production for production lint(like NODE_ENV=production eslint src), which will enforce no-alert, no-console, no-debugger.

Lint .vue files

Since eslint will only lint .js files default, you need add --ext .js,.html,.vue option for .vue files.

If you want auto-fix .vue files in VSCode with its eslint plugin, you should add the user/workspace settings below in VSCode:

  // Enable/disable JavaScript validation.
  // Turns auto fix on save on or off.
  // An array of language ids which should be validated by ESLint
      "language": "html", "autoFix": true
      "language": "vue", "autoFix": true

Tools for dev

  • npm run diff-airbnb: to see the whole config of easy and airbnb, and their differences(result in diff-results dir in current project)
  • npm run diff-custom -- "the .eslintrc file full path": to see the differences between the specified config and easy


Licensed under MIT

Copyright (c) 2017 Tian Jian

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