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Install the conventions by running:

npm install --save-dev eslint eslint-config-axial

Then add the extends to your .eslintrc:

  "extends": "axial",
  "rules": {
     your overrides


The react config is separate from the main configuration.

Note if you use this, you'll also need to install eslint-plugin-react:

  "extends": "axial/react"

Explaination of Rules

Best Practices

accessor-pairs - off

enforces getter/setter pairs in objects

array-callback-return enforces return statements in callbacks of arrays methods

block-scoped-var treat var statements as if they were block scoped

complexity specify the maximum cyclomatic complexity allowed in a program

consistent-return require return statements to either always or never specify values

curly specify curly brace conventions for all control statements

default-case require default case in switch statements

dot-notation encourages use of dot notation whenever possible

dot-location enforces consistent newlines before or after dots

eqeqeq require the use of === and !==

guard-for-in make sure for-in loops have an if statement

id-blacklist Blacklist certain identifiers to prevent them being used

no-alert disallow the use of alert, confirm, and prompt

no-caller disallow use of arguments.caller or arguments.callee

no-case-declarations disallow lexical declarations in case/default clauses

no-div-regex disallow division operators explicitly at beginning of regular expression

no-else-return disallow else after a return in an if

no-extra-label disallow Unnecessary Labels

no-eq-null disallow comparisons to null without a type-checking operator

no-eval disallow use of eval()

no-extend-native disallow adding to native types

no-extra-bind disallow unnecessary function binding

no-fallthrough disallow fallthrough of case statements

no-floating-decimal disallow the use of leading or trailing decimal points in numeric literals

no-implicit-coercion disallow the type conversions with shorter notations

no-implied-eval disallow use of eval()-like methods

no-invalid-this disallow this keywords outside of classes or class-like objects

no-iterator disallow usage of iterator property

no-labels disallow use of labels for anything other then loops and switches

no-lone-blocks disallow unnecessary nested blocks

no-loop-func disallow creation of functions within loops

no-multi-space disallow use of multiple spaces

no-multi-str disallow use of multiline strings

no-native-reassign disallow reassignments of native objects

no-new disallow use of new operator when not part of the assignment or comparison

no-new-func disallow use of new operator for Function object

no-new-wrappers disallows creating new instances of String, Number, and Boolean

no-octal disallow use of (old style) octal literals

no-octal-escape disallow use of octal escape sequences in string literals, such as var foo = Copyright \ERROR5WARNING;

no-param-reassign disallow reassignment of function parameters disallow parameter object manipulation rule:

no-process-env disallow use of process.env

no-proto disallow usage of proto property

no-redeclare disallow declaring the same variable more then once

no-return-assign disallow use of assignment in return statement

no-script-url disallow use of javascript: urls.

no-self-compare disallow comparisons where both sides are exactly the same

no-sequences disallow use of comma operator

no-throw-literal restrict what can be thrown as an exception

no-unmodified-loop-condition disallow unmodified conditions of loops

no-unused-expressions disallow usage of expressions in statement position

no-unused-labels disallow unused labels

no-useless-call disallow unnecessary .call() and .apply()

no-useless-escape disallow unnecessary string escaping

no-void disallow use of void operator

no-warning-comments disallow usage of configurable warning terms in comments: e.g. todo

no-with disallow use of the with statement

radix require use of the second argument for parseInt()

vars-on-top requires to declare all vars on top of their containing scope

wrap-iife require immediate function invocation to be wrapped in parentheses

yoda require or disallow Yoda conditions


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