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Functional programming helper library that is aware of (does not duplicate) the latest ECMAScript features, which are polyfillable in all ECMA-262 (even oldest browsers)


  • Works on browsers and NodeJS.
  • Tested on these browsers:
    • TODO


Install manually by adding to your HTML file:

<script src="/path/to/esdash/index.umd.js"></script>

Install with npm:

$ npm install --save esdash

Install with component:

$ component install jakutis/esdash

Install with bower:

$ bower install --save esdash


  • all
  • bindLeft
  • bindRight
  • copy
  • dateRFC1123
  • extend
  • flatten
  • noop
  • notEmpty
  • pad
  • pass
  • undefined
  • unique
  • zip


After cloning the repo, and on each modification of index.js file, you have to run npm run compile.

To run tests run npm test.

Checklist before releasing

  • npm run compile.
  • tests pass.
  • package.json, bower.json and component.json version number bumped
  • release X.X.X commit created and tagged as X.X.X.
  • npm publish.