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Escher Build Tool

This is the build tool for Escher. It's a wrapper around jam's build tool which in turn is a wrapper around requirejs's build tool. But since you developed a jam app, you don't need to do any configuration for your build process! Escher figures out the optimal solution.

npm install -g escher


When your escher app has been completed, you'll want to optimize your project for production. Since you've developed your app using Escher, there is no need to make a build configuration file for r.js. Just run escher compile app in your top-level directory, and it will throw everything in a build folder.

Your app.js file should similar to this:

    escher = require('escher')
  , app = {
      init: function(){
          , 'apps/auth'
          , 'apps/home'
          , 'apps/businesses'
          , 'apps/tablets'
          , 'apps/users'
        escher.start('merlin', function(err, app) {
          if (err) return escher.logger.error(err);
  return app;

After compiling, check your build directory for the new files.


The options for escher are pretty few:

escher [path [options]]
-s --silent                     No output
--no-minify                     No minification, still concatenates
--output-dir {dir}              Your build directory
--bundle     {file1,file2,...}  Top-level bundle