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escape-delims NPM version

Escape and un-escape delimiters in templates. Tested with Lo-Dash, underscore and Handlebars syntax, but could be used with other template engines/syntaxes as well. This is similar to the process used by Yeoman on escaped templates in generators.


Install with npm:

npm i escape-delims --save-dev


var EscapeDelims = require('escape-delims');



Create a new instance of EscapeDelims():

  • from {Array}: Optionally pass delimiters to use for escaping. Defaults to ['{%%', '%}'].
  • to {Array}: Optionally pass delimiters to use for un-escaping. Defaults to ['{%%', '%}'].
var EscapeDelims = require('escape-delims');
var escapeDelims = new EscapeDelims();

Optionally pass the "escape delimiters" to use as an array:

var escapeDelims = new EscapeDelims(['<%%', '%>']);


Escape the given str, optionally passing a delimiter syntax to use if not defined in the constructor.

  • str {String}: The string with delimiters to escape.
  • from {Array}: The delimiter syntax to use.


escapeDelims.escape('<%%= first %><%= last %>', ['<%%', '%>']);
//=> '(;^__^;) first (;\^_\^;)<%= last %>' 


Un-escape previously escaped delimiters in the given str. Optionally pass the syntax to use if they have not already been defined.

  • str {String}: The string with delimiters that need to be escaped.
  • to {Array}: The delimiter syntax to use for un-escaping.


escapeDelims.unescape('(;^__^;) first (;\^_\^;)<%= last %>', ['<%%', '%>']);
//=> '<%= first %><%= last %>' 


Jon Schlinkert


Copyright (c) 2014 Jon Schlinkert
Released under the MIT license

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