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An ES6 to ES5 transformer, optionally convert AMD module to YUI3 style using the Facebook's jstransform module.

The following program:

	define('yui-module-test', [ 'yui', 'node' ], function (Y, node) {
	    console.log('#node').setHTML([3, 1, 2].sort((a, b) => { return b - a; })));

gets transformed into:

	YUI.add('yui-module-test', function (Y) {
	    console.log('#node').setHTML([3, 1, 2].sort(function(a, b)  { return b - a; })));
	}, '1.0.0', { requires: [ 'node' ] });

Run es6y --help to get started.


	shell$ es6y --yui3 -- input.js
	# creates compiled/input.js
	shell$ es6y --yui3 <input.js
	# outputs the converted file on standard output
	shell$ es6y --outdir=/tmp/js --yui3 -- file1.js file2.js
	# creates /tmp/js/file1.js, /tmp/js/file2.js with the converted output