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Polyfills for ES6 string methods.

Based primarily on the implementations by Mathias Bynens.

String.raw is loosely based on 59naga's ponyfill, but the original doesn't correctly handle substitutions. This one binds to the String object (the original does not.)

String.normalize is not covered. It is simply too big (~140kb minified).

It covers:

  • String.prototype.codePointAt
  • String.prototype.repeat
  • String.prototype.includes
  • String.prototype.startsWith
  • String.prototype.endsWith
  • String.prototype.fromCodePoint
  • String.raw


Install with

npm install es6-string-polyfills --save-dev


Load it in your code with an import statement:

import "es6-string-polyfills";

Or from a script tag:

<script src="../node_modules/es6-string-polyfills/polyfill.min.js"></script>

The polyfills will be applied automatically if necessary.