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AdmnLTE with ES6 & React

Current Version: 3.0.5

Welcome to yet another project using the AdminLTE template! This version makes some of the template into a bunch of ReactJS components.

Install it

It is as easy as getting hooked up with any other NPM package! Just open your project in your favourite Node.js-fluent terminal and type:

  npm install es6-react-admin-lte

You are certainly welcome to add your preferred package installation parameters, like --save, of course; and then all that is left to do at this point is bask in the glory of npm's timeless install process!

Using it in your project


For this first iteration of documentation, I'm going to be using ES6 syntax, and JSX formatted components. You might have to wait a bit for another documentation update if you don't use these. Hang in there though, and sorry for the neglect!

Importing to your .js

  import { YourDesiredComponent } from 'es6-react-admin-lte';

OR importing directly to your .html

<!-- The necessary JS is in the project's ./dist/js directory -->
  <script src="{project}/node_modules/es6-react-admin-lte/dist/js/es6-react-admin-lte.min.js"></script>

Using your components

Documentation on the components exists in the docs directory of the project, but the formats will usually look like this:

    stringProp="Some string value"
    {/* child components and content */}

Using in your .html

NOTE: Check out the index.html file as an example of this stuff in action.

  1. You'll want to import your desired dependencies to your file. For example:

     <!-- The necessary CSS is in the project's ./dist/css directory -->
       <link rel="stylesheet" href="{project}/node_modules/es6-react-admin-lte/dist/css/es6-react-admin-lte.min.css" />
     <!-- Import your desired JS files as well -->
       <script src="./react.js"></script>
     <!-- NOTE:
       We don't provide you with JS and CSS from...
         Font Awesome,
         jVectorMap, (for the Map Chart)
       Pull them into your project as needed
  2. You'll want to prepare your <body> for your desired AdminLTE theming and layout with the appropriate classes:

     <body class="skin-blue sidebar-mini"></body>
    • AdminLTE's built-in color themes include:

      skin-blue, skin-purple, skin-yellow, skin-green, skin-red, skin-black, skin-black-light

    • AdminLTE's layout themes include:

      fixed, layout-boxed, layout-top-nav, sidebar-collapse, sidebar-mini

  3. You'll want to add an element to import your template to. Usually a <div> does the trick.

     <div id="project-goes-here"></div>
     <script src="./project-file-that-attaches-there.js"></script>

Components you may enjoy to use

As we develop && document stuff, items on this list will be linked appropriately. Consider this a table of contents && rough progress indicator of done || !done.

  • If item is italicized, it is currently subject to change.
  • If item is not linked, it has no documentation or is not created.
  • If item is Linked, it created and has some documentation, regardless of stability.

Basic Layout Helpers





Social feed stuff




This section is hopefully one that gets updated from time to time the more important update notifications. This is a step in progress!

  • 2022-12-02: Version 3.0.5 Update
    • Update Modals to nicely fit loading spinners.
  • 2022-10-18: Version 3.0.4 Update
    • Update Modals to allow custom close button text.
  • 2022-02-15: Version 3.0.3 Update
    • Updated dependencies.
    • Replaced node-sass with sass.
  • 2021-12-14: Version 3.0.2 Update
    • Fixes DataTable size per page option.
  • 2021-11-01: Version 3.0.1 Update
    • Upgraded to use React ^17.
    • Removed DatePicker component.
    • Temporary fix to ContentWrapper component's initial sizing on mount.
  • 2018-08-08: Version 2.1.2 Update
    • Fixed the DataTable component's custom onSortChange prop function functionality. It should return data as expected and not error out.
    • 2019-02-22: Version 2.1.3 Update
    • Fixed the DataTable component's custom onSortChange prop function functionality once more, header prop updates are taken into account.
  • 2018-04-02: Version 2.1.1 Update
    • Updated DatePicker, removal of unused ref prop that was causing issues
    • Updated ErrorMessage component to allow message, code, and origin prop submission
    • Updated ComponentWrapper component to allow header prop submission as alternative to the contents of the premade header of the components
    • Updated RegistrationForm and LoginForm components to take an element as the error prop as an alternative to just an object that looks for a specific set of properties.
  • 2017-09-21: Version 2.0.0 Update
    • Breaking remake the DataTable component.
    • The DataTableButton component is no longer a thing. It was mostly sort of pointless.




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