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EcmaScript 6 Quiz

es6-quiz is a very simple and fun quiz, to run in the command line, for both learning the new EcmaScript 6 syntax and new features and to test your skills as a javascript developer. It's fun for the whole family.

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How to use it

Now available in npm, just run npm install es6-quiz, or follow this instructions.

First, make sure you have the following modules installed.

npm install colors

The application app.js is written in ES6, so you might need a transpiler i.e babel. Use index.js to perform actions like these.

npm install babel

iojs index.js
-- or --
babel-node app.js

Manage and add plugins

If you want to support this little fun app, make sure you add some plugins and submit them.

Plugins are the questions that show up when you are doing the quiz. To manage and add plugins, you have build.js, which is available in es6-quiz/plugins/.

A plugin is a directory es6-quiz/plugins/{plugin name}, that has the following files:


    "intro": "What does the following log to the console?",
    "answers": [
    "correct": 1, // index of answers array
    "code": "code.js",
    "readme": ""

code.js - codecase to be analyzed by who is taking the quiz

function* g() { 
    yield 1;
for (let i of g())
    console.log(i); - explanation of the mechanisms and answer

# generators-yield

// ...

Adding the plugin

After you have your directory set, you'll have to add the plugin name (a.k.a plugin directory name) to the plugins array in es6-quiz/plugins/plugins.json.

There you have it, working plugin!



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