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    A Promise.try shim for ES6 Promises.

    Promise.try is an important tool for writing robust and readable code with Promises (this article explains why), but ES6 Promises do not (yet) include this in their specification. This module provides an implementation of Promise.try for ES6 Promises that can be used stand-alone, without modifying Promise's prototype.

    The goal of this module is to be functionally equivalent to Bluebird's Promise.try implementation. If you find that it behaves differently in some way, please file a bug.

    This module requires ES6 Promises to be available in your environment. If you are targeting a platform that doesn't (always) provide ES6 Promises natively, you will need to use a polyfill like es6-promise.


    WTFPL or CC0, whichever you prefer. A donation and/or attribution are appreciated, but not required.


    Maintaining open-source projects takes a lot of time, and the more donations I receive, the more time I can dedicate to open-source. If this module is useful to you, consider making a donation!

    You can donate using Bitcoin, PayPal, Flattr, cash-in-mail, SEPA transfers, and pretty much anything else. Thank you!


    Pull requests welcome. Please make sure your modifications are in line with the overall code style, and ensure that you're editing the files in src/, not those in lib/.

    Build tool of choice is gulp; simply run gulp while developing, and it will watch for changes.

    Be aware that by making a pull request, you agree to release your modifications under the licenses stated above.


    An example from the article:

    var promiseTry = require("es6-promise-try");
    function getUsername(userId) {
        return promiseTry(function() {
            return database.users.get({id: userID});
        }).then(function(user) {



    Immediately invokes func - in the same tick of the event loop - and wraps it to provide error-handling and Promises/A+ compatibility, as described in the article. Functionally equivalent to Bluebird's Promise.try.


    npm i es6-promise-try

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