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Fixes for incomplete ECMAScript 5 implementations

Fix issues in early ECMAScript 5 implementations.


Fixed function can be implemented to override native one, for that use implement module, e.g.:


Or you can use fixed version independently e.g.:

var parse = require('es5-fix/date/parse');

Implemented fixes:

Date.parse (es5-fix/date/parse)

There's probably no single implementation that provides perfectly compliant version of Date.parse, this version fixes that. Implementation is based on es5-shim version. #### Object.defineProperty (es5-fix/object/define-property)

Addresses the issue where re-definition of non writable properly has no effect. Old versions of Webkit are vulnerable to that. See:

Additionally it fallbacks to direct assign if defineProperty crashes with defineProperty is not supported on DOM objects (happens in Safari 5.0)

Object.defineProperties (es5-fix/object/define-properties)

Makes sure that fix for defineProperty also applies to defineProperties



$ npm install es5-fix

You can easily bundle es5-fix for browser with any CJS bundler (no favorite? Try: Browserify, Webmake or Webpack)

Tests Build Status

$ npm test