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Credit to jfriend00/docReady

Reason for the fork

This fork only adds the nessicary files to make this lib available as minified JS that can be pulled in via yarn.

To Use

See example file docreadytest.html


<script src="../Assets/Public/JavaScript/docready.min.js"></script>
docready(function() {
  console.log("Hello DocReady!");

ReadMe as originally written by jfriend00

docReady is a single plain javascript function that provides a method of scheduling one or more javascript functions to run at some later point when the DOM has finished loading.

It works similarly to jQuery's $(document).ready(), but this is a small single standalone function that does not require jQuery in any way.

These are various forms of usage:

// pass a function reference docReady(fn);

// use an anonymous function docReady(function() { // code here });

// pass a function reference and a context // the context will be passed to the function as the first argument docReady(fn, context);

// use an anonymous function with a context docReady(function(ctx) { // code here that can use the context argument that was passed to docReady }, context);

docReady(fn) can be called as many times as desired and each callback function will be called in order when the DOM is done being parsed and is ready for manipulation.

If you call docReady(fn) after the DOM is already ready, the callback with be executed as soon as the current thread of execution finishes by using setTimeout(fn, 1).

It has been tested in the following browser configurations:

IE6 and up Firefox 3.6 and up Chrome 14 and up Safari 5.1 and up Opera 11.6 and up Multiple iOS devices Multiple Android devices

Other discussion can be found here:




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