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    NPM MIT licensed CI

    Build and test portable JavaScript/rustwasm modules

    Getting started

    In this section, we demonstrate how to generate standalone umd/esm modules starting with a minimal NPM project.

    Setting up in a new NPM project

    $ mkdir add
    $ cd add
    $ npm init
    $ npm config set script-shell bash  # (required if using Windows)
    $ npm i -D es-pack-js  # ⬇️

    Invoking the es-pack command

    $ npx es-pack  # invokes ./node_modules/es-pack-js/bin/es-pack
    es-pack 0.3.5
    usage: es-pack <Command> [Options]
      es-pack build  Build modules
      es-pack test   Test modules
      es-pack help   Show help
      --help, -h  Show help                                                [boolean]

    Building an UMD module

    $ mkdir src
    $ echo 'export default function add(x, y) { return x + y; }' > src/index.js
    $ npx es-pack build
    es-pack 0.3.5
    task-bundle: 🌀 spinning...
    6/10/2020, 2:51:00 PM (1115ms) | output path: /Users/foo/add/target
    ✨ add.min.js (1276 bytes) [emitted]
    task-bundle: ✅ done

    Exercising the UMD module with NodeJS

    $ node
    Welcome to Node.js v12.16.1.
    Type ".help" for more information.
    > f = require('./target/add.min')
    [Function: r]
    > f(1, 2)

    Building modules with the -m option

    $ npx es-pack build -m umd esm esm-compat
    es-pack 0.3.5
    task-bundle: 🌀 spinning...
    6/10/2020, 2:57:08 PM (1021ms) | output path: /Users/foo/add/target
    ✨ add.min.js (1276 bytes) [emitted]
    task-bundle: ✅ done
    task-bundle: 🌀 spinning...
    6/10/2020, 2:57:08 PM (278ms) | output path: /Users/foo/add/target
    ✨ add.esm.js (1062 bytes) [emitted]
    task-bundle: ✅ done
    task-bundle: 🌀 spinning...
    6/10/2020, 2:57:08 PM (252ms) | output path: /Users/foo/add/target
    ✨ add.esm.compat.js (1419 bytes) [emitted]
    task-bundle: ✅ done

    More options

    $ npx es-pack build -h
    es-pack 0.5.0
    usage: es-pack build [<path>=.] [Options]
      -h, -h, --help               Show help                               [boolean]
      -m, --module                 Set output module type (`umd`, `esm`,
                                   `esm-compat`)            [array] [default: "umd"]
          --dev                    Toggle behavior as `webpack --mode development
                                   --watch`               [boolean] [default: false]
          --dev-with-tts           `--dev` with audio feedback
                                                          [boolean] [default: false]
      -d, --out-dir                Set output directory (`<path>/target`, otherwise)
          --lib-name               Set output module file name (e.g. "foo-bar-js")
          --libobj-name            Set library object name (e.g. "FooBarJs")
          --bundle-analyzer, --ba  Enable `webpack-bundle-analyzer` plugin
                                                          [boolean] [default: false]
          --verify                 Verify basic assumptions against built modules
                                                          [boolean] [default: false]
          --rustwasm               Toggle `rustwasm` mode [boolean] [default: false]
          --debug                  Print debug log and keep intermediate output
                                                          [boolean] [default: false]



    Before installing es-pack-js, it is required to run:

    $ npm config set script-shell bash


    The following command invocations do nothing:

    • es-pack build subcommand with --verify option
    • es-pack test subcommand

    The --rustwasm mode

    We can transform artifacts generated by wasm-pack into a standalone umd/esm module that is loadable via browser/Node.js as follows:

    $ wasm-pack build --target no-modules
    $ es-pack build --rustwasm

    To illustrate in detail, we use this minimal Rust crate: examples/rustwasm-add

    wasm-pack build --target no-modules
    $ wasm-pack build --target no-modules
    [INFO]: 🎯  Checking for the Wasm target...
    [INFO]: 🌀  Compiling to Wasm...
       Compiling proc-macro2 v1.0.24
       Compiling unicode-xid v0.2.1
       Compiling log v0.4.11
       Compiling syn v1.0.58
       Compiling wasm-bindgen-shared v0.2.69
       Compiling cfg-if v0.1.10
       Compiling bumpalo v3.4.0
       Compiling lazy_static v1.4.0
       Compiling wasm-bindgen v0.2.69
       Compiling cfg-if v1.0.0
       Compiling quote v1.0.8
       Compiling wasm-bindgen-backend v0.2.69
       Compiling wasm-bindgen-macro-support v0.2.69
       Compiling wasm-bindgen-macro v0.2.69
       Compiling add v0.1.0 (/Users/foo/es-pack-js/examples/rustwasm-add)
        Finished release [optimized] target(s) in 22.59s
    ⚠️   [WARN]: origin crate has no README
    [INFO]: ⬇️  Installing wasm-bindgen...
    [INFO]: Optimizing wasm binaries with `wasm-opt`...
    [INFO]: Optional fields missing from Cargo.toml: 'description', 'repository', and 'license'. These are not necessary, but recommended
    [INFO]: ✨   Done in 23.24s
    [INFO]: 📦   Your wasm pkg is ready to publish at /Users/foo/es-pack-js/examples/rustwasm-add/pkg.

    es-pack build --rustwasm
    $ es-pack build --rustwasm
    es-pack 0.5.1-dev.0
    task-bundle: 🌀 spinning...
    2/8/2021, 11:38:49 AM (2,948 ms) | output path: /Users/foo/es-pack-js/examples/rustwasm-add/pkg-es-pack
    ✨ add.min.js (13,282 bytes) [emitted]
    task-bundle: ✅ done

    Let's exercise the generated 'add.min.js' (an 'umd' module) in Node.js:

    $ node
    Welcome to Node.js v14.15.4.
    Type ".help" for more information.
    > Mod = require('./pkg-es-pack/add.min.js')
    [Function: t] { ffi: {} }
    > Mod.create({nodejs: true}).then(mod => console.log(mod.add(2, 2)))
    Promise { <pending> }
    > 4

    Similarly, like in this demo project, we can also generate an 'esm' module with:

    $ es-pack build --rustwasm -m esm

    💡 As a more advanced example using the rustwasm mode, we have examples/rustwasm-ffi, where we show how to call JavaScript FFI from within Rust code.


    npm i es-pack-js

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