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Elasticsearch CLI for querying your logs


Elastic search CLI for nodejs, using elucene to provide FIELDS, SORT, and LIMIT.

$ npm install -g es-cli
  Usage: es [options] [query]
    -h, --help       output usage information
    -V, --version    output the version number
    -u, --url <url>  elastic search url
    -c, --count      output result count
    -T, --types      output log types
    -S, --stats      output log stats

Since manually specifying --url is annoying, you may want to alias this executable:

alias logs='es -u <es-url> --index logs --type log'

Allowing you to simply run:

$ logs level:error AND hostname:api6-1

Check out the last 10 errors:

$ es -u <es-url> level:error

Check out the last 1000 events for the users luna and tobi:

$ es -u <es-url> user:luna OR user:tobi LIMIT 1000

Limit the number of results and sort:

$ es -u <es-url> level:error LIMIT 10 SORT timestamp:desc

Specify the fields to respond with:

$ es -u <es-url> level:error FIELDS message
$ es -u <es-url> login FIELDS id name

Log objects should use the following format:

{ timestamp: <timestamp>,
  hostname: <hostname>,
  message: <message-json>,
  level: <log-level>,
  type: <log-type> }

For example:

{ timestamp: 1390948474720,
  hostname: 'data',
  message: '{"foo":"bar"}',
  level: 'info',
  type: 'user logout' }