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Yet another module for extracting callsites (a.k.a. stack-frames) from Node.js Error objects.

npm Tests js-standard-style


npm install error-callsites


var callsites = require('error-callsites')

var err = new Error('foo')
var frames = callsites(err)

console.log('Error occurred on line', frames[0].getLineNumber())


The module exposes a single function which expects an Error object as the first argument:

var frames = callsites(err)

More specifically, it expects an object on which Error.captureStackTrace(obj) has been called, which is the case for Error objects. You can do it directly yourself:

var obj = {}
var frames = callsites(err)

The function returns an array of v8 CallSite objects -- one for each frame in the stack trace. CallSite objects provide accessor methods for information on that frame. For example:

  • callsite.getThis() - returns the value of this
  • callsite.getTypeName() - returns the type of this as a string. This is the name of the function stored in the constructor field of this, if available, otherwise the object's [[Class]] internal property.
  • callsite.getFunction() - returns the current function
  • callsite.getFunctionName() - returns the name of the current function, typically its name property. If a name property is not available an attempt will be made to try to infer a name from the function's context.
  • callsite.getMethodName() - returns the name of the property of this or one of its prototypes that holds the current function
  • callsite.getFileName() - if this function was defined in a script returns the name of the script
  • callsite.getLineNumber() - if this function was defined in a script returns the current line number
  • callsite.getColumnNumber() - if this function was defined in a script returns the current column number
  • callsite.getEvalOrigin() - if this function was created using a call to eval returns a CallSite object representing the location where eval was called
  • callsite.isToplevel() - is this a toplevel invocation, that is, is this the global object?
  • callsite.isEval() - does this call take place in code defined by a call to eval?
  • callsite.isNative() - is this call in native V8 code?
  • callsite.isConstructor() - is this a constructor call?

See the link above for a complete list of the accessor methods. Some have been added in more recent versions of v8 and Node.js.

How it works

This package works by setting a custom Error.prepareStackTrace property that transparently captures the structured stack trace that v8 passes to this API, while also supporting other Node.js code in the process setting its own Error.prepareStackTrace.



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