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    EPUBTools - complete toolset for building, extracting and manipulating EPUB3 packages

    The purposes for this package include:

    • Generating an EPUB3 package from a directory structure containing files conforming to the EPUB3 standard
    • Assisting with generating the metadata files required by EPUB3
    • Extracting an EPUB3 to a directory

    The EPUBTools package is meant to be used in a Node.js project comprising content files for an eBook that is to be formatted in the EPUB3 format. As a Node.js project there must be a package.json file.

    To get started you must have Node.js installed. After creating a blank directory, then run these commands:

    $ npm init -y
    $ npm install epubtools --save

    The first initializes a default package.json file. The second installs EPUBTools as a command in that project directory.

    EPUBTools is part of AkashaCMS.

    It does not contain support for rendering the XHTML files that are to be included in the EPUB container. You must generate the content files through some other means. A companion project, AkashaRenderEPUB, fills this purpose. It takes Markdown or AsciiDoc files, and produces content files suitable for use in an EPUB. Between the AkashaRenderEPUB and EPUBTools, you have a full EPUB production toolchain.

    For documentation see https://akashacms.github.io/epubtools


    npm i epubtools

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