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Given an epub file, do our best to count the number of words in it.


epub = require('epub-wordcount')
epub.countWords('enders-game.epub').then((c) => {
  console.log(`There are ${c} words`)
// There are 106190 words 


There's also a cli tool to quickly get the count of any epub file! Invoke it via:

word-count path/to/file.epub


word-count path/to/books

See word-count -h for more info


There's no programmatic representation for the table of contents in epub and it's hard to skip over the reviews, copyright, etc. We do our best to guess what's actually story text, but there's a margin of error. Probably no more than ~500 words.

Pull requests welcome.


countWords(path, [options]) => Promise<number>


Path to (what is hopefully) an epub file. Opens it, and returns a promise that resolves to the number of words in the book.


Object of options. It's optional, I don't know your life.

key type function default
print boolean print a nice message with data included for each file false
sturdy boolean bravely ignore errors on missing or malformed epub file false
quiet boolean stifle errors in parsing chapters false


... are for code that doesn't work on the first try (which this undoubtedly doesn't) so please let me know if you see something wrong.