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Search engine for EPUB3 documents

This node module is a search engine for EPUB3 documents. It provides full-text searching on EPUB3 content. It is built on top of search-index.

Features include:

  • Full text search
  • Instant search (provide suggestions)
  • Full javascript
  • Hits including cfi references


Create a new search engine object

var se = new SearchEngine();


run this function to index your unzipped EPUB3 content

se.indexing('your_epub(s)_directory', function (info) {


// search(query, epubTitle, result_callback)
se.search(["epub"], "Accessible EPUB 3", function (results) {



Install all dependent modules: npm install.

Start up the example npm run express-service. It should run an express server on your local machine.

When navigating to http://localhost:8080/ then you can see a test page where you can enter a search query.

Note: The indexing process starts automatically and it takes a few seconds until the search service is really available.