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A slack bot that deletes messages for ephemerality sake!

How to use


Via NPM (preferred)

npm install --global ephembot
ephembot -p 3000

Docker (soon to be preferred)

coming soon

Git clone

git clone
cd ephemeral-enforcer

npm start will run ephembot on port 3000.

You can also install ephembot globally or npm link from inside the repo and run ephembot -p 4000 which will run it on port 4000. Choose whatever port you want.

Configure slack

Add a slash command to your slack organization that POSTs to <your server>:<your port>/ephemeral

Name the slash command whatever. Traditionally it is /ephemeral


Ephembot runs only in the channel from which the command is used this allows for per-channel configuration.

Setting ephembot's level tells it to delete messages that are older than the level. ex. /ephemeral level 20 minutes will tell ephembot to delete messages that are older than 20 minutes, every 20 minutes.

/ephemeral on

Turns ephembot on at the default interval 15 minutes for the current channel

/ephemeral off

Turns ephembot off for the current channel

/ephemeral level <15 minutes | 1 hour | 30 seconds>

Turns ephembot on at the given interval for the current channel

/ephemeral status

Responds with the current channels level


If you have any issues with ephembot feel free to submit them here