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What have I missed while being away from a pad?

This plugin aids to help authors that have been absent from a pad to be able to "quickly" catch up with what's been changed since they were last present.

When an author revisits an old pad they are presented a message saying "Since you were last here there have been XX changes to this pad. Review the changes"

The author is initially presented with a differential snapshot of the changes since they were last present.

If this is not sufficient and the author wants additional information then a link to the timeslider(including their previous position) is available.


  1. Atomic: Link to timeslider at point author was last present on the pad. Useful for full timeline of events.
  2. Differential(default): A "diff" view shows a comparison of before/after line-by-line. Useful for a quick snap shot of what has changed from point A to Z but does not include steps on the way through and also does not include who has changed what. For further analysis the Atomic / timeslider view can be used.

Security consideration

The plugin stores the last revision an author was present on a pad in their browser cookies. This means the padId is present in their browser cookies.

Travis (.org)


Option 1.

Use the /admin interface, search for ep_what_have_i_missed and click Install

Option 2.

npm install ep_what_have_i_missed

Option 3.

cd your_etherpad_install/node_modules
git clone https://github.com/JohnMcLear/ep_what_have_i_missed

Bug Reports

Please submit bug reports or patches at https://github.com/JohnMcLear/ep_what_have_i_missed/issues


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