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This git repo hosts the MyPads plugin for etherpad.


MyPads is considered as stable.

MyPads manages :

  • users and their authentication;
  • groups of pads per user, unlimited, sharable;
  • attached pads, with choice between invite known users to use them, making them private with password or letting them public.


At the moment, MyPads is publicly available on NPM. So you can install it from etherpad administration. You may need a reboot of your etherpad instance after the plugin install. WARNING: if you uninstall MyPads, all its data will be definitely removed.

Manual install

You can install MyPads from source. In order to do that :

  • clone this git repository where you want to;
  • go into the directory of your Etherpad instance;
  • type the command npm install /path/of/your/clone/of/ep_mypads
  • restart your Etherpad instance and you should see ep_mypads listed into your administration back-end
  • homepage is available at http://youretherpad/mypads/index.html


Configure an admin user in Etherpad's settings.json and use those credentials in http://youretherpad/mypads/?/admin


It's available through milestones and tickets.


npm i ep_mypads

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