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Etherpad-Lite plugin to export the pad in a PDF/ODT/Doc file with images using Open/LibreOffice. This module is part of an academic project.


Global setting used ("setting.json"):

  • "loglevel": verbose levels used in server-side console during the export.
Optional settings in your 'settings.json' file:
"ep_export_documents_images" : {
	"soffice": "", //(string) path to soffice command. If empty, default is 'soffice'.
	"keywords": "", //(string) keywords in headers (PDF and ODT).
	"author": "", //(string) author in headers (PDF and ODT). Set to "auto" to use the "title" global setting.
	"title": "", //(string) document title (PDF and ODT). You can use '%s' to refer to the pad Id (ie: "Document generated from the %s session.").
	"remove_LOdir": false,	//(boolean) remove or not the special LibreOffice folder (/tmp/LibOconversion/)  (version 0.0.4). Default value: false, not recreate it each conversion is more efficient.
	"verbose_log": false	//(boolean) activate or not verbose server log (version 0.0.5). Default value: false.



  • Added pad ID and current date in the filename.
  • Fixed bug : styling was removed during export.
  • Fixed bug : if missing or wrong settings.


  • New setting ("verbose_log"=true) in settings.json to activate or not verbose mode in server log.
  • Japanese language added (Thanks to Keiji Ono from Japan).
  • Italian language added.
  • Portuguese and Brazilian languages added.
  • A FAQ document added to solve common problems.


  • New setting ("remove_LOdir"=false) in settings.json to choose to remove the special LibreOffice folder after conversion.
  • German translation file added.


  • Fixed bug when another Office instance is running. A limited Office installation is created in "/tmp/LibO_Conversion/".


  • Fixed some bugs if no setting specified in settigns.json. Settings are now optionals.
  • Homepage link added in the package.json.
  • Menus translated : English, French, Spanish.


  • First [alpha] version.


  • OpenXML (Word 2007) export is broken so it's not available for now.
  • Do/test conversions on Windows servers.
  • Check if command from settings file exists.
  • Import documents using Office to avoid using Abiword.
  • Improve translations (help needed).
  • Fix bug with multi-byte characters (Japanese, Chinese, ...). (help needed).
  • Retrieve auto-generated Youtube thumbnails to replace linked videos.


Send me an email with bug description and your context (Linux distribution and versions...).


Benoit Lathiere -