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Drawing and painting in Etherpad

You must be running an instance Etherdraw.

In your settings.json, add:

To change your host

    "ep_draw" {
        "host": ""
    # Example
    "ep_draw" {
        "host": "localhost:9002"

To enable by Default

    "ep_draw" {
        "onByDefault": true

To change the icon

    "ep_draw" {
        "icon": ""

To put the icon on the right hand side of the toolbar

    "ep_draw" {
        "position": "right"


  1. Make the AuthorName, padID and Authorcolor passed to
  2. Allow setting for opacity in setting.json
  3. Document the settings required to get it working
  4. Allow a setting in the settings dropdown to hide the paint (with cookie)
  5. Find out why going outside teh canvas doesnt stop drawing
  6. Allow setting for showing Artist count or not.
  7. Clear/reset button