Choose different defaultPadTexts for different prefixes. SEE README FOR NEEDED SETTINGS.


ep_defaultPadText let's you choose a special default text for each pad-prefix. This can be be used for pads that all share the same header, for example collaborative meeting-notes could all look like like this:

# Weekly-Meeting
Date and Time: April 28, 2011 18:21:08
## Agenda
## Conclusions
## Roadmap for next week

Using this ep_defaultPadText you don't have to copy&paste that into your pad yourself, you just choose an prefix for meetings, for example m_, paste the template into your settings.json and you're good to go.

You need to add the following section to your settings.json. You can repeat the inner sections as often as you want. The name of the inner sections represents the prefix, the text-attribute is the text that will be set, it can contain placeholders, which will be explained in the next paragraph.

"ep_defaultPadText" : {
                        "mm" : {
                                 "text" : "MobileMacs-Episode: $num$ on $date:%B %d, %y$"
                        "wr" : {
                                 "text" : "WRINT-Time! Number $num$ happening in your home-town at $date:%H:%M:%S$"
  • $num$, number after the given prefix; For example: if the Pad-ID is mm42, $num$ will be 42
  • $date:format$, the date will be formatted by strftime