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Inserts the current localtime when the user types a the string defined in triggerSequence at the beginning of a line. There is a very simple time-offset-correction implemented, which is triggered every updateInterval milliseconds.


"ep_CollabTicker" : {
                         "updateInterval": "30000",
                         "triggerSequence": "###",
                         "wordpress_url": "",
                         "ticker_id": "4",
                         "exportInterval": "30000"
                         "bold": true


  • updateInterval, defaults to 30000, -1 means no auto-updating, the interval in which the time-offset gets updated
  • triggerSequence, defaults to ###, the characters the user has to write to trigger a timestamp-insertation
  • wordpress_url, the full URL to your WordPress with http/https and port if it differs from the standards
  • ticker_id, the ID of the post that you want to use - you can find this number in the URL of the "edit post" page, e.g. if the URL is then 4514 is your lucky number ;)
  • exportInterval, defaults to 30000, the interval in which the pad gets exported to wordpress (in milliseconds)
  • bold, defaults to true, places -tags around the timestamps