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Add a checkbox to auto scroll down the pad when content is modified. No setting required. Both read-write and read-only modes.


A checkbox is added in the options panel.

A button (with an arrow) is in the toolbar too.

And just add this to the URL to activate the module at the starting : ?autoscrolldown=true or ?autoscrolldown=1


This module was originally part of an academic project for courses accessibility from Paris 8 University (France).



  • Added "?autoScrollDown=true" in URL parameter to activate module (usefull is read-only mode).
  • Added an option in settings panel.
  • Added localizations (English, Français, Español).

To do

  • Improving button design...
  • Adding some optional settings like "restrict function to a mode : read-write|read-only".


  • After you uncheck the option, some browsers need several click/scroll in the pad to deactive autoscroll ! I don't know why for now...

Send me an email if you found a bug, and please specify your browser version (You can use to retrieve the correct browser name/version).